The Huge Benefits of Great Food Labels

Many people think that a food or drink label is just a way of telling you what a product is. The truth is that this is just a minor function of a good label. Labeling your product with quality, well designed, barcoded labels can give you advantages you may not have even considered. Here are a few reasons that you should consider quality labels for your food items.


  • Advertising – Many people think labeling is just a way to identify a food. However, you should think of your product’s label as a mini-ad. In essence, the label your food has on it, serves as an advertisement for what is inside. A good design and a catchy phrase can go a long way towards getting your product noticed. So, make it appealing to the eye and more people will pick it up to see what it is about.
  • Free sales agents – Once you have great product and people are buying it, it is likely other people will see it. Your customers take it home, they take it to work, and they even take it in the car on trips. Everyone who sees them eating or drinking it, is a potential customer. Since the original buyer already loves it, they act as free sales agents. All they have to say is: “Try this, it’s great.” The first thing people do after eating or drinking something good, is look at the label and say, “where did you get this?”
  • Easy check out and inventory – When people buy your foods and drinks, manually cashing them out is time consuming and is a loss of potential sales. Have you ever looked at long line in a store and just went somewhere else? Running a bar code across a scanner is not only faster but, but more efficient. Barcoded labeling can also change the way you do inventory. It is a breeze to use a hand scanner, compared to a long tedious manual inventory.

At Adazon we can handle every aspect of your labeling needs. We can print your labels according to your design specifications and integrate the barcodes into almost any software. Then, we will deliver them to directly to your business. We also sell all of the equipment needed for labeling and scanning for your location. Our printers, barcode scanners & terminals, software, label makers, barcode ribbons, and other labeling products are the best in the industry. We can even service and repair your scanning and labeling hardware for you.


The Importance of Food Labels

In the business world, particularly in the food and manufacturing industry, there’s no doubt that food labels are important. Not only do they let customers know what the product contains, but food labels also provide some great nutritional info. This is especially true if you have food allergies. Like with anything, though, there’s always room for improvement. How can some businesses improve the quality of their labels? Here is what you should consider.

As I mentioned before, food allergies warnings are something you should always take into consideration. Not to mention it should be put on the label in plain sight. For example, if it’s a product that contains peanut oil, you should definitely make note of that. Peanut allergies are extremely dangerous, and even the slightest trace of peanuts could put an allergic customer in danger. Lastly, you should always make sure to be honest about the nutritional information. Dishonesty not only misinforms customers, but it also goes against federal regulations. Overall, be sure to keep these tips in mind when you’re working on food labels in a business.

For more information about the importance of food labels in the business world, feel free to contact us today at Adazon Inc. We are targeting customers that need labels to market their products, brand their image, and also to label the rack in their warehouses.



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